Shopping trolley ridden at 44mph in Devon man's 'record' at Santa Pod

Those of us at Santa Pod last weekend watched this nutter :w00t:

BBC Interview

yea! That [email protected] took up too much time! FFs, I could have done 4 runs in that time :smiley:

as close to shopping trolley like i am to james bond… sorry to kill the joy.


What is it with you guys

Last time out is was someone or others Great Great Grandmother in a pink Nissan Micra, what’s next :ermm:

I think she’s still there. :smiley:

Actually, gran was there again but not in the micra. She blew the gearbox on that shitter :smiley:
Was in a skoda if I recall correctly :slight_smile:

Glad he made it, had a chat with him… He was to scarred to give it the beans! Don’t blame him :smiley:

What is it about people from Plymouth?

10, maybe more, years ago I met a man from Plymouth who was seriously (as in he had already sent £ lots) building a drag strip milk float. The batteries and stuff had already been ripped out and the 7.2 litre Chevy engine was being race prepped.


Its modified with a chasis/engine & frame…
its not a shopping trolley.

I bet Guinness decline it.

It looks more like a modified go kart