Shopping lists

Andrex, Bananas, Cif, Dreft, Evian, Fennel, Gorgonzola, Harpic, Immodium, Jaffa cakes, KY jelly, Lemons, Mangos, Nappies, Onions, Prophylactics, Queen scallops, Redcurrant jelly, Sugar, Tea bags, Underpants (one pair), Vicks vapour rub, Wine, X box game, Yams and Zantac were our purchases tonight.

We got this for £77.50.

What`s your best alphbetical bargain?:smiley:

Alphabet Spagetti? 80p a tin :):slight_smile:

Very good Nick :smiley:

Poor effort though amusing.

When did you last go for a full on shopping bonanza?

I kind of hate shopping. Except for bikes :slight_smile:

I’m not even going to ask what i was thinking of asking, cos if I do… it’ll start kevsta and alex, and smiled off all at the same time :smiley: