Shopping for petite ladies riding gear in London

Hey everyone,

I’m a petite lady and I’m looking to upgrade my gear. Do you know of shops in London that stock good quality gear for ladies in a range of sizes?

I’m really struggling to find actual brick and mortar shops that carry women riding wear. I know I can order online but I’d rather try a few things on first to understand how the different brand sit on me.

thanks all!

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I presume you have already tried the obvious candidates? My partner is “vertically challenged” and managed to find her Rukka gear in very small sizes at Infinity (Holborn), we even found a Bering CE armour jacket in Infinity Great Portland Street for our then seven year old.

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J&S in New Malden has a big clothing selection upstairs, including what looks like a good selection of women’s stuff.
If you search their website, it tells you which stores it is in stock in each size

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Give Janey a shout out


Bike stop in Stevenage (north herts) is a bit far out of London but have excellent women’s selection and very informed staff. I know a couple of people who’ve come from south london up there to buy ladies bike gear because of how good they are.

As Janey has forgotten her log on details at present she has asked me to reply on her behalf.

Janey has a surplus of clothing so depending on your sizing may be able to help on second hand gear .
She says for a good selection for the petite lady sadly she has not found a good physical store but fcmoto online carry a good range .

So without sounding Pervy let us know your size and can go from there .

Hey Thank you all so much!

@TimR I’m a size 8 and I’m looking for jackets. Leather would be preferable but I’m considering options depending on style/price/fit.

If it’s any help, I also have shortish legs and arms (and fingers, which is making finding good fitting gloves a bit of a pain!).

Yaayyyyy, actually remembered how to sign in. It’s been literally years since I’ve had to do that.

What’s your style and credit card limit? Do you have a particular brand in mind? If you want to try gear on before you commit to buying anything, then your London choices are quite limited. The Dainese store by The Bike Shed has got a good reputation, but that is reliant on being quite tall and tiny waisted (I’m not…). Urban Nomads in Ruislip carry a really good Held selection for ladies which might suit you. The jackets I tried on fitted my torso well but were too short in the arms for me.

Outside of London and a good excuse for a shortish ride out there’s Sportsbikeshop, Get Geared and On Yer Bike. All of them carry a reasonable range in store and you can check availability before you go.

I’m Ms Average height wise. In terms of bmi and leg length, I’m kinda challenged. Out of all the brands I’ve tried, Spidi Lady has fitted me the best. Unfortunately, trying to find a stockist is nigh on impossible, especially in London. Infinity and Helmet City carry some stock and are willing to order stuff in if it’s not in store. As The Mr has said, fc moto have an extensive online laydee section and although they’re not particularly cheap, the sizing guides are spot on. Another option for online shopping is Moto Central, which is UK based.

Happy shopping!

Oh, I forgot about P&H. They’ve got some small Dainese suits on ebay at the moment that are super cheap :ok_hand:


This place is based in Tonbridge
I think they allow visitors, worth a call either way.

Hey Janey!

Style I’d rather got for something close fitting and as minimalist as possible, urban/casual. Budget will really depend, around the £500 mark I would say it’s my limit.

I’m 5.5’, but I am long in the waist (short legs, long waist. It does happen!) and usually a chest size 8.

At the moment I have a very, very cheap ARMR jacket in size 8 that only works because it’s full of straps and very customisable - but the armour has always felt flimsy and it’s time to upgrade!

Thank you all for the advice!

Motogirl rocks, tiny/short/petite (or in my case really short and round) their gear is absolutely awesome and a lot of the shops stock them or go visit them they are epic ladies.

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