Found some badish scratches on the Shoei today and want to polish then out.

I know that there are all these warnings about what might damage it but as it’s painted can’t see why I can’t polish like I would the paintwork on the car.

Anybody got any tips.


Looks like it may be only me that’s bothered. :slight_smile:

I’ve never been bothered about scratches on my lid, but if you are bothered e-mail Shoei and ask them?

Cheers mate.

Makes me feel a right wuss for being bothered, perhaps I have a polishing fetish or sommat.

I use Autoglym polish on mine every so often with a little dab on the visor as well - makes the rain bead off it really quickly.
If you have some light scratches, you can use a 50/50 mix of pain renevator (t cut will be too aggresive though) and polish - was recommended this on the car by a body repair guy years ago. I’ve done it on the tank of my bike and worked a treat. Will take a fine layer of paint/lacquer off each time so not something I would do frequently on a helmet - unsure of the depth of paint etc. Polishing will be fine though - can’t see why not.

If you wanna polish your helmet, then carry on. Don’t let us stop you :smiley:

Not at all - I been lurking on this thread waiting for a decent answer :smiley:

Last time I popped into Infinty Hanger Lane, I was shown some helmet polish. About 3 quid if I remember rightly and it did a good job on my scratched lid.

I was going to write a long winded story around this and try and bring some Finbarr Saunders style ending to my post, but I haven’t got the time at the moment. I might try later today if I can get round to it.

Fnarr fnarr?

I work with optical lenses and tried to use some of the optical polish and a small lapping tool on the end of a dremel, it turns too quickly and effectively just scorches lines in your helmet. Considering how thin the outer egg shell layer is I wouldn’t try it again.

I was actually thinking about a solution to this post while carrying my helmet and so due to lack of attention managed to scratch it on the tarmac. …sometimes it’s best not to try and help others :w00t: