Shoei XR1100 mirror visor?

Anyone know if there is a visor for the XR1100 that is a mirror? I’ve been looking a bit and all I can see is the tinted ones? The closest I can find is the Silver iridium… Does iridium mean mirror??

Got my new helmet coming on Weds (Conquista design) and think a mirror visor would look nice… :slight_smile:

That says its a silver visor.

Im torn between getting either the silver, metalic blue or dark visor for my lid

The XR1100 visor is the CW-1 which is the same as the Qwest & I got a silver one from Infinity in Clapham in June.

One observation, the silver one blocks out nowhere near as much light as a ‘proper’ dark one, it’s about the same as the road legal light smoke ones. It’s up to you to decide if this is a positive or negative point…

ah definitely a negative as I have very sensitive eyes to sunlight…

A friend in greece had a tinted visor for his AGV which had a mirror surface (you could not see anything inwards) on the outside so was wondering if the XR1100 had a similar visor…

I have a dark tinted one that I use almost permanently (not for sensitive eyes mainly because I am fed up of men in cars gawping or trying to talk to me when they realise I’m not a bloke!)
Not seen any mirror ones for this helmet but the dark one does a good job of blocking light out and you cant really see into the helmet properly

Got a dark one already when I had my old XR1100 which will now be retired… Just thought I would treat myself to another accessory and the design would have really fitted with a mirror visor… :smiley: