Shoei multitec where do I buy one?

Ciao guys!

Need ur help!! A friend has asked me if I can find a Shoei Multitec here in the UK…any ideas on a good place to buy it (in or near London or online) at a good price? I have had a check on the net and the cheapest I could get it is 256gbp…do you think I could find anything lower than that?

thanks heaps!!

ciao ciao


Mm. Pity you weren’t at Excel - 1stLine Motorcycles (in New Southgate) were selling then for around £230 instead of £280.

As a ‘shop’ they may not be the cheapest but they give excellent service.

You may also be able to get a good deal on an old Synchrotec (the model that the Multitech has replaced). I looked at the two together recently (not in the UK, unfortunately) and to my eyes there was very little real difference.

good choice, i went for a plain XR1000 but sort of regret not going for the multitech now as i wear glasses

bet if you go to 1stLine Motorcycles (mentioned by Mr Chips) with cash and mention that you had heard the price was lower at the show you would get the discount

the show only accepted cash so thats prob why they discounted

Thanks guys this is really helpful! I will check the shop and see how that goes!

I was at the bike show and thought helmets were really cheap compared to the price in Italy (where i’m from)…my raid II was 189 gbp vs 415euros at home!!

hence the request from my friends to have a look for something for them too!

haven’t got a bike here in the uk but maybe can come round to borough market some time and meet u all!

ciao ciao