Shoei Mulitec

hey guys, i dont know if many of you actually know but the Shoei sycrotec helmet got discounted the other month and were goign to bring out the new one in janurary some time.

but feridax (Shoei importer) got there finger out and brought it out this month !! now some of you may not like the flip up lid but i thought ill let you guys know just for … well so you know.

o btw with this lid its £35 quid more but well worth it cos you get like £40 pound worth of goodies

Shoei bag … of course

Smoked visor


Whisper strip

Chin vent.

Now as i said most of you may not want one but i thought ill give you guys a bit of info on it if any of you thought bout it … o nd just to let you know as seen in this weeks mcn its more darth vadey aswell


jeez i quess i forgot … here you go

And price?

OMG !! i thought i put the price in not just say o its differant to the last . what a dunce it’s £285.00 … Bargain

And 15% off for LB’s at Rex Judd Edgware. (loads in stock)!

sorry to hiack the thread, minmingmo i take it yourethe same bloke from zxrworld site? i paid you for the mirrors on 20th feb and havent recieved them or seen or heard from you? and ive sent you 2-3 pm’s on the site??

tumble weed and whistling noise… :ermm:

And the sound of motorbike roaring away in the distance… :smiley:

I bought a White Shoei Multitec size L (59-60) wore it once but it was too big so bought a size M as you will see if you come and buy it :slight_smile:

I paid £290 for it - anybody like it for half price ?

It really is in as new condition.

Viewable at work in the city or anywhere off the A10/M11 between London and Cambridge.