Shoei helmet bag - wanted

Anyone have a spare Shoei helmet bag they no longer use/need? I lost one of mine a couple of months ago when my rucksack burst open on the A31, it was a white one that came with my shiny new lid but to be honest I don’t care what colour it is if its free! :smiley:

Let me know if anyone has a spare, I keep forgetting to pop in and ask when I’m passing J&S.

i’ve got a light grey one with black writting that you can have. send me your details and i’ll get it over to you.

Cheers fella, I’ll PM you. :slight_smile:

Arrived this morning, many thanks for that fella, I owe you a beer! :smiley:

no worries! you would have had it sooner but my local post office got robbed just before i tried to send it the first time:P