Shoe snow ice grips

yes it didnt snow that much today and the roads are clear, but my problem is getting to the cleared main road.

so thinking of getting some of these to be able to walk the bike out of my tiny snowed side road

Aucht, you big jessie.

I thought everyone loved the whole uncertainty of whether bike + you will make it to the safe sanctuary of the dry tarmac, unscathed or whether you’ll slip, the bike will fall on you and break your leg and you’ll be stuck in the snow for ages until someone finds you suffering from hypothermia.:smiley:

Wise move…


by 10 and put them on the tyre!! :smiley:

They look good
If I don’t get much use out of them
I could take up tap dancing

they were/are selling these in aldis

Chat up your postman or buy a set of these RuD shoe snow chains postmen all over europe use them, the advantage over the rubber ones is you can walk on bits of the pavement that isn’t icy without them falling apart.

Brought to you by “Is it really my turn to walk the dog in the ice again” productions!!

you can buy similar things liek that from trespass and most outdoor camping shops.

This is the standard issue in our Royal Mail DO

ice traction slip ons

and if that £3.29 is a genuine price it’s a bargain waiting to be had, take extra care if you walk on tiled surfaces with them :hehe:

Saw some advertised in Stockholm so as far as I can see, if the swedes do it, it’s a good idea! :smiley:

I’ve got some of these:

You can run on sheet ice with them. Well, I did last year when I was out for my runs in the snow / ice. It’s quite funny as you run past people
while they are sliding all over the place :slight_smile:

I found the ice traction ones were great, until you get to the stage where you have to cross the road or part of the pavement has been cleared, then they started to break up and shed the little bolts

yep just went in and got some for a fiver! :smiley:

The Royal Mail ones must be made of different stuff

I walked about 100 miles in mine last winter - on and off the snow, sleet and ice. The only problem I had with them was walking on tiles.

ooo bargin which trespass did you go to?