Shocking motorcycle accident

Poor observation from the rider.

yep, & bystander’s didn’t seem too bothered to help…as usual.

Yeah poor observation - but did you see how much the driver slowed down on a motorway, then pulled over two lanes - rather then go to next junction and turn round!!!

Biker seems to be going faster than everyone else
Driver seems to be imbecile looking for an accident.

you know what he did? he f…ng stopped to pick some1 up from the bus stop!

this road looks like an A-road type of road to me, with 50kmh speed limit.

ouch!, looks like he is in a lot of pain.

bike looks dead to me

poor guy
but i think he was asking for it
going way too fast for the road and
in the moment of accident there was no cars on the left
bit less speed and alot more observation and possibly this could be avoided…

I’m not being funny Darryl but why the hell do you keep posting such videos?! I have seen a few posts from you involving bike crashes and people being stabbed, its not really the sort of thing to be posting on a bike site really…

I have actually found your posts upsetting!!!

The post is marked as an accident, I dont ‘enjoy’ the posts, but I find seeing accidents highlights,

a) why they happened (biker going too fast and doddery manoevuer from car in this case), so that I learn more about what can cause an accident

b) the carnage that can be caused from an accident, makes you less likely to put yourself in that situation

c) showing that ‘it wont happen to me’ menality is not a good one, seeing rubbish driving often from nothing situations makes one more aware of what this muppets can do.

They use bike crash footage in the Bikesafe courses.

Just my opinion, you have yours as well, and I understand they can be offensive/upsetting, so people should label those posts so that if someone does get offended they dont open the post.

Yeah this is a Euro road, not a motorway, just a very wide road similar to an A-road.

Car Driver numpty yes, but was clearly indicating.

And if this is Europe as the title suggests… then planning to overtake the car on the right suggest the biker wasn’t paying enough attention… and was planning on breaking the law anyway…America’s the only place you can undertake…although you woudn’t believe it riding some of the motorways I’ve been on… Cracks me up when you see a motorway with 2 lanes ABSOLUTELY EMPTY, and a row of BMW’s, Ford Cougar’s and Audi TT’s tailgating each otoher in the fast lane, all convinced that cos they’re driving a “sports” car, they should be allowed ahead of whoever’s ahead of them… PILLUX! :smiley:

Yeah, these vids are prtty unpleasant, but if you learn somethin from them, that’s a good thing surely. Voyeurism maybe…? A bit of a sick interest? Maybe?

This is a bit of a strange one.

I saw the topic towards the top of the ‘Recent Posts’ list and decided today that I would check it out (have seen similar threads in the past, but decided not to look at them). I find that some people have a morbid fascination with videos of accidents etc which I have never had (until today of course ;)). I followed the link in the vid to view another, but the videos quickly returned to the sort of thing that put me on a bit of a downer.

The video concerned is not that bad when compared to others that I have inadvertently seen. But exactly how instructive is it? I can’t make up my mind. The point of view is very limited - we don’t know what the road situation was like behind the camera.
Where is the line drawn between instructive and intrusively gruesome?
There is no doubt that reduced speed means reduced/ less severe injuries, but this video should also be shown to drivers.

I know which one you mean ;)It’s been removed now.

sorry to read that & thanks for bringing it up,
but it’s posted in the right places like “adults only”.

after all the forum is split into sections to break things down appropriately & what i post is called “reality”. **** happens!. we not only learn from our own, but other’s experience’s.

i won’t post anything else like this again as you will never come across it in your lifetime…being wrapped in cotton wool (awww).

I’m of the same opinion as Stacy on this.

I don’t usually give a hoot what people post but the one that got removed wasn’t very nice and had no benefit to anyone, it was sick, I’m just glad it’s gone now.

Elad explain what you find constructive about a woman getting stabbed to near death by her husband?

What upset Stacy more was that particular thread.

If we want to see people getting killed in road accidents we can all pull the clips up on youtube and the likes ourselves.

What a childish reply :rolleyes:

I wasnt commenting on the stabbing video (I didnt know about it until you said), which definitely would have been ‘niche’ in a forum on bikes and not instructive at all, I was commenting on the bike crashes videos.

True, but it promotes discussion as to why/when, and this is a bike forum, which I learn from, and maybe other people do. If they are titled and labelled appropriately, then people have a choice not to open them.

And just what was that thread about the stabbing you posted yesterday supposed to teach us? :blink: