To the twat on the green off-road bike just north of the Chalfonts this morning: YOU ARE AN IDIOT and you should consider self-termination.

This morning I went for a bit of a bimble, I was riding behind a guy on a green bike down a narrowish road and there’s a girl on a horse up ahead, who pulls over to the side to let us pass. I slow down and pull out to the other side of the road. Mister Idiot on the other hand decides to accelerate, and as he passes the horse he revs loudly and goes up in to a wheelie! The horse jumped backwards, although the girl was able to get him under control. I stopped to make sure she was OK, she was a bit shaken up but calmed down after a while - lots of credit to her, she was more worried for her horse than herself :-). Unfortunately neither of us thought to get the guy’s details, so nothing really to report to the police.

Seriously, some people shouldn’t be allowed to ride motorbikes. There was no value in what the guy did, and frankly the girl could have been thrown off and killed.