Shipping bikes (export) - any experience?

Hello all!

My cousin lives in Australia and (due to a “windfall”) wants me to see if I can send him 2 or 3 bikes out there - he reckons it might be cheaper to buy them over here due to the strong aussie dollar and weak pound. Does anyone have any experience of sending new bikes abroad like that? E.g. shipping companies to use, how to get them boxed up (would the dealer do that?) insurance/paperwork etc? Any advice greatly received!! Thanks!

Speak to James Cargo ( ask for Simon and say James Scudder said to call up and he will sort you out, they will do all the boxing for you and advise on everything you need. Good Luck, there old friends of mine and very trust worthy, the main Manager Roddy is a great guy but he doesn’t really deal with the Bikes, that’s Simon’s department, (I hope I’m remember Simon’s name correct now) :slight_smile: