After 2 hours with parraffin & kettenmax, paraffin and rag, gel cleaner & brush, soap & water, hosepipe and finally a good few squirts of wd-40 & chain oil I now have a beautifully clean bike - even the chain is shiny. :smiley:

Wish I could say the same about my clothes and skin, which are now covered in oil.

Could the weather please stay warm and dry for a while now so it doesn’t get covered in manky road grime & salt again.

Your bike is always spotless!

That’s because I wash it :stuck_out_tongue:

I park it at work, on a building site, so it tends to need regular washing to keep the grime at bay.

Today was a proper going over, based on the hope that we won’t be getting any more gritters spreading salt all over the roads.

That’s because I wash it Tongue that made me chuckle

Isn’t that the traditional method, to transfer all the grit, grime, oil and effluent off the bike and onto the owner?

Works for me.