Shiny new bikes everywhere!

I saw this and creamed a little until I realised it’s probably the old single cylinder engine from the KTM Duke 690 plopped into a new bike, right as KTM release the 790 twin. Still looks cool as fuck.

Is this years Milan show busier than normal?   Or is it just that my FB feed has worked out I am into bikes (Having finally liked Visordown page) hence I am getting way more pictures / news than previous years?

Seems to be fcking loads of updates.   Going to make for a great trip to NEC!  

The 701 has had a few updates to the old smcr. Fella I know sold the smcr because the 701 was better performance. Eventually husqvarna will go to the 790 range once ktm have profited enough on their models

I’d say it’s busier than usual. Probably due to the emission changes and bike manufacturers not thinking far enough ahead with model changes.

The Milan show is nearly always the one they release new bikes at, though not all of them make it to NEC or even the London show.

no mention of Kymco’s 2 new fanny magnets