Shhhh....(Arai helmet)

Is there any tricks to make an Arai helmet quieter?

i.e close specific vents or put a different visor?

ps. refering to a Condor



ear plugs

or buy a shoei

i was hoping you wouldnt say that…(not an option :S)

With earplugs noise shouldn’t really be an issue. I have an Arai and a loud bike, with earplugs I can hear just enough to be safe.

Same hear

My RX7RR is the noisiest lid I’ve ever had. That combined with a TL and race pipes I can’t ride for long without earplugs.

earplugs is the solution to your problem.

dont just buy earplugs from any kind of shop, buy them from a bike shop, try some different types and makers.

MAX light are very good. I found them through Motrax, a bit expensive but they do the job just fine.

Also its a company that makes earplugs specially for your ears. they are expensive but the best ones (a friends opinion), they cost £35 or near that and you can use them everytime. if they get dirty you can wash them.

There`s not much difference between my My Shoei and my Arai on the noise front but the Arai is more comfy, just buy earplugs.