shewolf, mdaytona@ brands

i went along to brands to day and took a few pics with a new camera me mum just got lol






Sherrie you look very proffesional.

and sum more

theres a few more with other members of lb





Did Sherrie finally get her knee down :slight_smile:

Looking good.:cool:

il let sherri tell ya;):Pheres the lbers i was supposed to av posted in the last 1 lol





Nice one mate.

I was thinking on the way home how good mdaytona was looking. She wasn’t bad on the bike either! :wink:

PS - next time I’ll slow down a bit at the apex so you can get the orange express in focus! :eek:

LOL See, I was right calling you Pervy Pete the first moment I spoke to ya … :stuck_out_tongue:

It was lovely spending a day with you lot, Pete, Mike, Frogga, MDaytona + her friend :wink: and Sherrie… oh and of course my other half.

Sorry, I’m only (sub) Human.

Nice to meet you all.

Pete you’re a top quality bloke… Old Smiler :wink:


nice to have meet u all 2day(err its yesterday now lol)

i forgot wat the fella on the cbrs name was any ho nice to av met ya got sum good pics considering it was just a basic camera i got a clip of sherri aswell but its not that long and im stumped as to how to post it up


Nice one Frogga :smiley: Thanks for coming and taking some pics for us - I did finally get my knee down but must have got camera shy :blush:

You camera shy LOLOLOLOL :stuck_out_tongue: nnnnah don’t fink so :smiley:

heres one of shewolf not being camera shy lol



Great pics frogga

Sherrie, n Mel - lookin awesome!!

Could teach me a thing or two…on track!! before you get any other ideas!:stuck_out_tongue:

Knee down - respect Wolfie - hope to do the same on 1st!

Well done all of ya

haha, ok - maybe it was more performance anxiety lol.

Told you didn’t need a new bike to get yer knee on the deck :DI forgot how flickable those R6s are till I rode yours that time.

Ok…I expect to see the same at Mallory.

Well done to you too Mel…You’re next for knee down action…You have no problem getting it on its ear.

Just get that arse of yours off the seat a bit more…And a lovely arse it is too…er don’t tell the missus I said that :blush:

er… spoken like a true gent. :slight_smile:

:laugh::laugh::laugh: What ya like ya dirty buggers.

Looking good girls