she's hoofin now!!!

headracers done-checkdropped yokes 10mm-check

full service-check

discarded set valve wiring/cables-check

set valve wired to the open position -check

new brakes-check

well…i think thats just about it for now,cant wait till next month so i can get the new gold chain and sprokko’s,1/5th turn throttle,longer doglegs(to raise the arse end),renthal soft grips,and maybee some new rubber…;)…

this thing is ballistic to ride and i had sooo much fun going up to haverhill yesterday…she’s doing everything i ask her to do at the split second i think of it…truly amazing as i was gonna chop her in for the K8 thou but im soooo not gonna need it…im just having fun ringing her neck at every chance i get…and thats a testement as my confidence has been abit shy of late…so im gonna get my chin on the tank and really spank her next time i can get a good few hours of glory time in,and hopefully not get too silly…lol

woohoo…im like a love sick teenager again,i just cant stop staring at my bike when we have some alone time…lol;)

just had to share…lol



ur makin me jealous! :smiley:

Instead of dropping the front 10mm (which is quite a lot), you could take a couple of clicks off the front compression and add a couple of clicks of rebound - this will have the front sit down a bit more when you brake for a corner, but as you get on the gas it will come back up and you don’t sacrifice any stability.

aye 10mm is a fair bit shane!! but if it feels good to you thats what its all about!! :slight_smile:

oh good for you! well as long as your happy mate thats all that matters,:slight_smile:

yea…10mm is alot,but it really is quite stable and the front has been soft’nd quite abit to help out…and i really dont like braking anywere near a corner so the front end would have popped up way before i comitted…i see what ur saying tho Ett;).i felt i was’nt comfortable with the front wheel while commited in mid corner,hence the drop;).its given me a new lease of confidence as im able to correct any niggles quite quickley without loosing concentration while committed…

yes,i am really anylyzing my cornering alot as ive had alot of issues in the past,and ive helped myself by doing exercises like this…getting advice…and putting it into practice.:).

anyways,i like it,so you lot can fugg off if ya dont:P…


How the bike feels is the most important thing :wink:

Mine felt like it was going to crash (lose the front) trying to hold the same lines as Ness around Silverstone. The adjustments to the front compression and rebound sorted it nicely (for me!).

confidence is 90% of the battle…although…

10mm or even 5mm is not advised on setup. as already said tickle the suspension not mess with the geometry. the bike will turn frightfully fast, slap like a mo fo and leave you with minimal rear end grip getting on the gas.

what are you actually feeling in the corners? bet it holds a line more off the throttle but as soon as you get on the gas it wants to nod its head and slap you into a hedge (or are you not getting on the berries out of corners??)

as for ‘‘the berry’s’’…lol…im trying my hand at keeping on the gas and holding it as much as i enterd the corner,mid corner,then winding the last bit out of it…

before i dropped the yokes,i would enter the corner and find myself being almost sucked out of it without any control…the getting sucked out part of it didnt scare me…it was the lack of my control what did it…so,i asked steve jordan to drop em for me and they did…and to tell you the truth,i have’nt been without a smile on my face sisnce…:D.

also,one factor i have kept in mind threwout the thought process of the dropped yokes,is that the swingarm on the K6 is longer than prevous GSXR’s…that gives extra stabillity on the rear so more freedom to play about.or atleast,makes the bike more forgiving…;).

ive had the bike on its side since the adjustments and she’s feeling positive threwout…i feel i have more going on with the front wheel now as before…the front tyre was pretty vacant,and i really didnt know what was going on down there…

well thats my opinion anyways…lol:P…and it works for me:D.


all sounds positive dude and its clear steve knows his stuff. he can ride too :cool:

just wanted to add seb that i did’nt take ur comments with a pinch of salt fella,you got bag fulls of good advice and experience on the track and i just wanted to say thanks mate…;).along with fridayman…we’ve shared some good stuff with each other as you’ve owned ur K6 almost as long as i have had mine…cheers for ur comments dude…nice one;).


about time you sorted those headrace barings out mate! lol