Shes home!!!

Went and picked her up tonite:)…she runs a dream…absolutely loving it, it goes liek stink!! its like having two SV6’s bolted together! hehe :smiley:

handles nice too, feels soo good! still pinching myself…couldnt see myself ever riding a thou…just gotta stay sensible!:smiley:

oh and i took the baffles out tonite…come morning my nieghbours may be rudely awakened!:D:w00t:

i think were gonna get married:w00t:

now now that’s taking it a bit far ratty you’ve only just moved in together

Marry in haste, repent at leisure.

Sounds like a cracking good shag, mind. :w00t:

Nice one Ratty - the SVthou is a rapid bike - keep care with your licence - the bike easily gets you up to three figure speeds. :wink:

Always fancied an SV1000 myself and would have bought one this year, except Suzuki had stopped making it, and I could only find naked ones for sale new. You have fun on your new bike, and ffs be careful:)

i have noticed!!! i do have to be very carefull…3 points and im done :frowning:

i love it mate, glad i got it, more character than an R6, yeah they carried on making teh naked ‘classic’ one…

mate i am being very carefull, i got 3 points on my liecence another 3 and its gone :frowning: so till july im being a very good boy!:smiley: but i know what ya mean dude, im being sensible, last off reminded me what i should and shouldnt be doing!

Well done fella, good to hear you are back on the road on your own machine,

No excuses for missing the 13th December charity run not dude…!!!:wink:

Take care, see you soon.

3 points and he’s anybody’s lol

3 points and you will have bicycle ! BE CAREFUL AND BEHAVE !