She's gone :*-(

Today the Tuono was bought by a mate of mine to be his track pony. Had a last sit on it, got a bit emotional, lots of memories in that saddle.

No plans to replace it yet unless an Ariel Colt comes along at the right price. Just going to sit on the space and fix one of the other projects.

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At fucking last. How long have you been trying to flog that bike?

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wasn’t really trying in all honesty

My Tiger should be off tomorrow, though unlike you that will leave me bikeless again

this tuono and the gazebo will remain legendary in this forum


It’s always a sad day when a bike leaves the barn. Sometimes it’s for the best, sometimes it’s a mistake, only time will tell. I think you had your time on this one though mate. Good that it’s going to get used a lot more now, especially on the track.

Did someone say gazebo?


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: