Well she’s disputing liability for pulling out on me…my bike has got …(a new completed estimate)get this…

£4,000…worth of damage…ohh man…how do i prove this ?

jay…can you tell me the name of that firm again mate that helped you out in your accident…

my whole day has been phucked and im left with an empty feeling in my stomoch…

all i was doing was trying to get to work when this pethetic bitch decided to be impatient and pull out…!!!

god help me…please!!

not so smiled.

PM sent

Have ya tried think thats it, lol. m8 of mine is using em and another recommends em highly.


WELL, Shane i feel for ya, cos heres my saga of the day…

I sold the Deauville on last october, filled out logbook, sent off to DVLA. Feb i recieve a paking ticket for the bike, its still in my name, tried ringing the guy that has the bike, no answer, i ring DVLA, THEY never have recieved logbook, so now this ****, knowing full well im getting his parking tickets is driving around on legally my bike raking up tickets and im liable. To top it all, this morning i get a bailiff at the door demanding £450 for his costs plus the parking ticket costs, so im feeling so low and also wondering what the hell to do?, i dont have they guys deatils for the logbook anymore, i didnt tak a copy, ive no way of getting hold of him, dont even know where he lives… Im talking to the dvla and police at paddington. What a crap day…

so shane i really feel for ya, you wanna grab a drink later? x

What caused the estimate to go from £800? to £4,000

If you don’t have comprehensive insurance is there cosmetic stuff that costs a lot but you could live without fixing. Be careful about the hire bike (and storage costs?) racking up if you could be left with the bills.

if u sent the dvla the log book with the details of the new owner shouldnt be ure fault…they are meant to send a confirmation letter after a month did u receive this cos if u did u can have a go at them…

Shane best of luck

Dont panic, its pretty usual for them to throw this kind of stunt. They are just trying to get out of paying up hence why denying liability and throwing the blame back at you.

Hope you get things sorted hun xx

pm sent smiled.

Westie - not sure what to advise, the police should know. Wonder if they can find out if the bike is insured and if so, to whom.

What can I say shane…I hope you can get this sorted.

I’ll join you with having such a **** day too… sometimes I wanna kill my postman for putting nasty post through my door. … and to those people who sent them ARGHHHHHH … not having a good day

Were there any witnesses?

Chin up fella’s …

Shane, Insurance companies mostly pull this type of thing from what I’ve been told. Have you spoken to Dancbrrider - doesn’t he work in the business ?

Westie, likewise mate, don’t panic and do not let the Bailiffs in to your H/A, no matter what they say, if they need to show you paperwork then let them hand it to you, if they say they are forcing entry then tell them you are dialling 999 straight away.

You are not responsible for that ticket or that vehicle anymore but it will be a pain in the rear for you trying to sort it out. Anything more them PM me.

ohh westie and ang…sorry guys…sh!t day syndrome eh?..hope you guys get sorted…

right…went and took photos of the junction and such and while snapping away…i noticed that everybody does exacley what she did…i dont know how to upload video on here yet…i was even considering doing a full video presentation on the matter and chain of events…and sending the whole thing to my solicitor…

i took pics of the buses that use that junction and ppl sneaking out when the bus turns into the offending junction…

it also shows the speed in which vehicals travel as they approch the junction too enter the round about a few yrds ahead…all good stuff in IMHO.

so will upload these and sort it all out…

thnx for the PM’s and support guys…invaluble..


right good news ppls…

my appointed solicitors were banging their gums about that it would prob be 50/50/claim…

so i rang riders support…spoke to a great bloke called paul and he assured me that its 100% in my favour…

great news…so just have to sit back and let this roll…

gatherd evedence will be in the post asap…

ohh yea…junction /road it all happend on…



Ginger if you actualy read what ive put it has nothing to do with who i sold it to its the fact that royal mail yet again cant do their job right!, pm sent.

Hey Shane,

Just got in to find this, think this mjight be fate playing a hand and probably for the best given your previous troubles - only a cat beats your bikes lives to date!!

As for your Insurers/ Solicitors - they generally go for 50/50 if you cannot give conclusive proof but with what you mention looks good. Give em hell matey.

Hope it all gets sorted.


Good Luck Shane,

That is a terrible junction/Roundabout on the Ladywell Road there, I’ve seen loads of scrapes there it’s a like a game of Russian Roulette trying to get across or round that area as the stretch of road is full of nutters.

I know mate I live not too far from there at all…I had a smash where a London Black cab drove into the back of me down there a few years back.

oh boy shane. well first off just so you know its standard protocol in almost any rta claim for the defendant to dispute liability, especially when a motorcycle is claiming. in the last couple of years there has been some important rulings which are encouraging a change in direction on the liability split. generally though get as much info as possible - and write down a statement of what happened as well - do it on the computer so that the date can be verified and sign it and send it to your sols

yea… taz…horrible bit of road mate…bluddy horrible…

thanks for the fighting spirit python…in feel like rocky balboa now mate.all pumped up to fight to the end…cheers…lololol…but still not getting rid of my bike…hahahahaha!!!

flyby…mate…thanks for the info!!!


Jeeze Shane, if it’s gonna happen to someone, it will be you.

Dont let your solicitors off with a 50/50 claim, that is pathetic. Had a similar thing a few years ago, and rider support sorted me out, they are good and know their stuff.

Keep at it mate and chin up.