She's a natural!!

I took my daughter with me to the last big bike rally in Cassoday, KS…she’s a NATURAL. We hammered the Flint Hills Scenic Byway afterwards and just had a blast…the faster we went or the twistier the road became, the more fun she seemed to have.

It was great to spend the time with her out on two wheels in the open spaces of Kansas…I’m looking forward to doing it again this Sunday. (The rally is held the first Sunday of the month in tiny Cassoday, KS…in the heart of the Kansas Flint Hills.)




Nice one Greg! Man that bike looks mean :slight_smile: Going to get her on a mini bike?

The new bike IS mean…loud, aggressive handling for a big bike…and that motor!! :w00t: :w00t: You twist the throttle in anger and it will really straighten out your arms. Unbelievable torque…pure fun to ride.Come over this fall…or next Spring…you can rail it up and down the Flint Hills Scenic Byway and see if the head back/feet forward ride does anything for you. I’m certain that you’ll walk away happy with the power delivery of the motor if nothing else. :smiley:

Elizabeth has expressed an interest in riding…Maybe a couple of dirtbikes would be the right way to get her on two wheels…I learned to ride while younger than her…on a little 50cc Honda dirtbike…and just gradually progressed as my skills/confidence grew.

I can`t wait for my kids to grow up a bit to come and ride on my bike.

Dont tell my daughter about this!!

Having taken her down the Ace a number of times, she now knows that we can get kids sized protective clothing and helmets :crazy:

I trust Ian with her on the back, its just all the other twats on the road. If we lived in the middle of no-where id be more relaxed about, but we live in a busy town with a lot of traffic about.