Shenfield to Knightsbridge

Moved a little further out, and wondered what routes others in nearby areas might use?
I’m guessing that my normal route down the A12 through to Hackney Wick, then through Homerton etc is going to be the favoured route…

Im Maldon to Hyde Park & use the A12 hackney wick route going in
out i use the A12 M11 A12 Route

I have a few alternatives should their be traffic issues

Yeah I thought there might be some that use the M11 route, which I think would make sense if I were a little further up the A12.
Did my normal route this morning, and with traffic lights, it was basically an extra 15 mins max.

Going in the A12 is the easiest solution
going home the M11 is the easiest & quickest route, but 5 miles longer

You think even for me? I’d be going back on myself…

Unless I do M11-M25-A12 brentwood

its just the amount of traffic you get on the A12 Eastern Ave & all the traffic lights that add time

Yeah it’s worth a go tbf
Just assumed it would be that bit more hairy that’s all

Its safer than the easten ave
just get in the outside lane as quick as possible

Will give it a go tonight!
What you riding now? Will keep an eye out!

I have a BMW S1000XR
i work from home Mondays & Fridays & visit my other office on Tuesdays in the cotswoulds

Sounds like a nice choice of work places!

Btw have done that route twice now and it’s defo quicker! Only downside is not having any fairing’s and when Brook St was silly busy one evening.

Certainly my choice for a dry/not windy ride home!

Brook street is an art getting round it
Or go up the A12 to the BP turn off

You will get use to the buffering

Yeah I do go up to BP. Tried M25-M11 on way in this morning and it wasn’t much fun.
Too busy for my liking, so will stick to the A12 route on way in.