Shell Optimax

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

I was thinking to trying Optimax in my bike as I had fantastic results when I used it in my car and was wondering if anyone here had tried it and if so, what were the results.

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Everyone has different opinions about it. Some say only aids the engine if you use it on your bike from day 1, others say use it occasionally but generally most say there is a noticable boost in performance. Try it and see.

The only thing I noticed was a reduction in overall weight due to the wallet being emptied double quick.

IMO, it’s just a ploy to make more money from the consumer. If you run Aviation fuel, as many racers do, then you will see a performance increase, but only if your fueling is adjusted to suit the much higher octane. Standard road-bike fueling is setup to work with a wide range of octanes, from low 90’s to high 90’s.

In my experience, it’s made no difference when running it, but then I’ve never had fueling issues, and you sure as hell won’t notice an extra 1bhp or so extra, certainly not on the road, let alone the track.

If you have fueling issues, get your bike down to a dyno tuners!

Exactly the same as what happened to me lol

It WORKS!!!..but only if you have farted around with the engine…you know take the boring standard bits out…and replace with really shiny expensive bits

My old ZX7R was dynoed quite a few times when i had it…on optimax peak power increased by 8bhp and more importantly torque went up by 6 whatevers…so it does work…you should see what the results are when you stick it in performance cars yeah right!!! but the results are astounding ( Fifth gear did a test i think )

So on the right bike you could spend about £1000 chasing some more bhp…or a few extra quid and get the same result

The Zips speed record of 91mph was set on BP’s special brew ( the light blue label )

they did a test on 5th gear i think it was

took a p*ss-poor car, moderate car and an impreza

made almost no diff to the first two, but about 30bhp at max on the impreza (this is from memory but it was something like that - impressive result basically).

I use it as often as poss now or the BP version of it I feel the bike pulls better through the range I also feel that the mpg has risen a little not by much plus I am using NGK Iridium Plugs which hate crap fuel

there was an article in MCN this week stating that it did nothing whatsoever to a standard engine?

Only if your bike has had it’s compression increased then it would make a difference.

These are not my opinions, I’m just quoting a journalist.