Sheer Madness.....the worlds gone MAD !!

Been chatting to Abbeyj and Python, thought i would share this email i sent them…cos its too stupid it really is…

Here at Ford Motor Co, we are now told not to call our usual tradition of sending cards, “christmas cards” they must now be called “holiday cards”…i have YET to find, in any shop a so called “Happy Holiday” card…WTF is going on with this world? Anything, to do with anything “christmassy” has to be scrutinised to make sure we are not “offending”… again WTF !!

Is it ok to “offend” the thousands here that, for years have always known, both inside work and at home, “christmas” to signify the whole Jesus etc thing? So i want to wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAY AND HAPPY NEW YEAR WITH ALL THE HAPPY HOLIDAYS THAT 2008 WILL BRING…see to me, “holiday” signifies a summer break away from it all in the sun etc…on the beach…you get the picture…come the OTHER end of the year, its all “Christmassy stuff”…cards,cake,pudding,dinner,presents,…

If i were to say to you i was going to see my relatives and you ask when am i going and i say “oh over xmas”, you automatically know what im talking about…if i were to say “oh over the holiday”…you would think…“eh” ?..because thats how we have been “programmed” if you like…we know when Dec comes around, Christmas festivities follow…now we are expected to have HOLIDAY festivities…why dont we just forget about the whole thing !! would that satisfy the so called powers that be?

In my opinion, the only power that be, belongs to someone who gave his life for us to even be here in the first place!!!..leave bluddy Christmas alone !! I cant believe some people…unreal.

My understanding is that the Happy Holidays thing originated in America where people, not so much to avoid offence, but to jointly cellebrate Christmas and Hanukkah which usually takes place in December, use the all embracing “Happy Holidays” rather than having to try and guess whether a person is celebrating Christmas or Hannukah.

In other words someone sat in their office thinking of a way out of offending anyone, and came up with that crock of ***t…try and guess if im celebrating xmas, when im off work for 12 days in december a well known month, with my family, eating my chrissy dinner and pud, having a drink, having a larf, (or not, usually when families get together someone starts the crap!!), opening my pressies, giving pressies to others, etc etc…or Hannukah, doing whatever they do to celebrate, or any other ways of celebrating…my point is, at the time im going to be “celebrating” anything, i dont really care what anyone else thinks or how they celebrate it…its xmas, its always been known as xmas and it should stay xmas…do we have to stop producing christmas cards now…what if we send one to a friend or neighbour not thinking or knowing they are not celebrating it as xmas? …end of the day, they still take the same christmas holiday im taking…if they dont want it to be known as christmas, perhaps they should not take the time off work and celebrate it then? Some take time off to celebrate their special occasions #cant remember the names of them, and then take “christmas” break too…make up your mind…cant celebrate both…its stupid. :slight_smile:

As a christian I’m never offended by people celebrating Hanukkah, Eid, Diwali or whatever.

As a so called multi-cultural environment we should all be tolerant of each others beliefs. I’d like to know who is actually offended by Christmas?

PC at it’s finest;):smiley:

Agree, dont have a problem with who celebrates what…but i dont agree with having to be careful NOT to use the word “christmas” ie as in christmas card, in case it can “offend”…as i said, that coming from Ford Mo Co…at a “moral” meeting it came about that a card could be distributed to employees as its christmas, someone came up with the fact it cant be called a christmas card as it may “offend”…i also would like to know who it would have offended…pc at its best…yeh…bluddy knowalls, knoweffall more like !!! (bah humbug n all that) :wink: