Sheen rep GSXR1000

Have you seen the limited edition GSXR1000 available in Sheene paint scheme ? very nice

nice but I think it would look better in texaco heron colours :slight_smile:

I agree

Now that is an iconic colour scheme, why suzuki dont bring it out is beyond me. Yamaha did it with the KR block scheme, Honda did the rothmans on the 400, Kwaka been doing snot green since the dawn of time :slight_smile:

They did …didn’t they ??

Thought I saw some at George Whites a little while back - not K7 Thous but deffo Gixxers :smiley:

I’ve seen this one before but never seen the Heron as an official colour scheme.What next? Durex Suzuki maybe?:wink:

Now I come to think of it , it may have been Lucky Strike :wink:

It was a ltd edition run of the K5 750, done between the UK importers & MCN

Of course cynics would say that it was only done to offload the last of the K5’s they had laying around getting dusty as the K6 had been announced… :wink:

As for why the factory doesn’t do it again , why would they upset their current sponsors by releasing a bike in the corporate colours of a company that hasn’t had any association with them for years ?

The Yam speed block design is different as it’s a Yamaha specific graphic not linked to any other sponsor.

Anyway, this Sheen/Heron scheme always looked much better than the predominately white one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, the new blue one looks much better!

nah the blue ones not even a good copy of the DAF scheme

Didn’t Vermullen have a MotoGP bike in those colours for a race last year?

yeah he did as a tribute to bazza, dont think rizla would go with the heron scheme lmao :slight_smile:

Err, isn’t that bike what this gixxer is a replica of rather than the original Bazza one ?

If ya look closely it’s got the number 71 on it not 7… :hehe:

How anyone could pick a pastel blue & white bike over the Red/Black/yellow classic is beyond me & obviously shows how susceptible some folk are to all that rogue oestrogen thats floating around these days… :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s right you know, I missed that:Whistling:

So its a homage to a homage? That don’t really work does it?:wink:

I like both of those.

This is hot too…



The Heron colour scheme is groovy - all you need is Bazza’s 1970’s matching paddock jacket to go with it;)

Do we know who did this spray job?

I would like to speak with them… :slight_smile:

I think the blue one is best :slight_smile:

i think my slingshot will go Durex;).

and i prefer the blue one:)


I like the heron look.

The other one looks cack, as do the the powder poof blue BSB bikes.