Shearling Jacket Recommendations

Being a Bonneville rider I feel I need to go retro and been looking at a replica RAF Aviator Shearling Sheepskin Collar style jacket. As it’s a bit of a fun purchase I don’t want to spend huge amounts of money and have seen a bunch on Ebay that are cheaper - £100 to £150. No idea on quality though and don’t want it to be a wasted spend. So am wondering if any you good folk have any suggestions or recommendations to share. Thanks Mark

If you want to be authentic - Back in the day when I owned and rode a Meriden '69 Bonneville and a '73 Tiger here in the UK the dress code was a ‘Lewis’ double breasted leather jacket, Levi 501’s and a pure white silk scarf, pre-1973 open face crash helmet only worn in winter to keep your head warm and dry.

The aviation style leather with sheepskin collar you speak of was mostly 1950’s Americans riding 1940’s Harleys.

When riding the 2011 Bonneville I had a JTS Brando style leather jacket. Similar to the 1960’s Lewis jackets but the leather is thicker and more protective and, as expected, they come with elbow and shoulder protectors. They have a pocket for a back protector but are not supplied with one. If you want to wear it with a back you need to go up one size.

By today’s standards its strictly for posing and short local trips only. Leather is too cold in winter and too hot in the summer, how we suffered for the look.


“How we suffered for the look”. Yup that sums it up. What a great post and I’m researching as I write! Thank you. :sunglasses:

Sheepskin has very poor abrasion resistance, so I guess it comes down to how much you’re willing to potentially suffer for your art?

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Have a look at
A bit pricey but nice kit, no armour though !