Shearer at Newcastle!

Yes I’m a Newcastle fan…someone has to be! :smiley:

Can’t believe the news of this though…hope he gets the support from all the idiot fans and arse of a chairman!

must be an Aprilsfools joke…nope thats just NUFC :D:D:D

He’ll get plenty of support from the fans, but it won’t change the fact that he has no management credentials and also that Newcastle are shite.
Just wait til they get relegated enough leagues that the mighty Seagulls can play 'em :wink:

I love Shearer !!! What a player !!! One of my all time fav players :slight_smile: Im Hammers through and through, BUT i appreciate good players too…hes one of many for me…good luck SHEARER!! SHEARER!! SHEARER !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seagulls? thats Brighton aint it?

I went to uni in newcastle and as a scouser, I got a huge amount of **** from everyone up there, notably taxi drivers who would just harp on and on and on… Alan Shearer this, Alan Shearer that…it drove me insane

I can think of nothing better than seeing the toon go down at which point, I think I’ll move back up to Newcastle and just laugh at all the barcodes…

Geordie boot boys they call themselves, they sing that they’re the loyalist supporters, they’re certainly the most fickle… Firstly with the Ashley appointment, they were going on at how it was so great for the club, when anyone with a brain knew the fella is just a shithouse and that it wasnt going to work… then the Keegan appointment, “aye king kev, the messiah, he’s back hoooome” haha, how long did that last? I must admit, I feel sorry for Shearer, the whole hopes of Tyneside will be on his shoulders with the mackams and the smoggies just waiting to laugh when he fails!

Good luck to them for the rest of the season, I do think they’ll stay up in the end, but it’ll go to the wire!

Yep, Brighton and Hove Albion, finest team in all Sussex :slight_smile:

Did Brighton have Zamorra with them or was that Ernshaw? cant remember now, just know my son at Leyton Orient used to play against the “seagulls”

I can`t see him doing anything there.

Yep, Bobby Zamora came from Brighton - quality player.

Personally, as a Pompey supporter, this is the funniest thing I’ve read al day…“shares in Southampton suspended”…and it’s not even an April Fool’s story…ha ha ha ha!!! :smiley:

Right, so you are a big football club under threat of relegation from the Premier League. What do you do? Appoint a man with absolutely NO football management experience. He may be well loved by the fans, but ultimately he has got to manage the team and decide on tactics to beat his vastly more experienced counterparts.

It is absolutely insanity.

shearer? newcastle? who gives a fvck?

He’ll be loved by the fans for 15 minutes until they realise that they’re going to go down, then they’ll turn on him… same old story.

Hmm, did phuck all for us :wink:

Ah ,well…Zamora never had the quality players around him at West Ham like he did at Brighton :wink:

As a Geordie (although I’ve not lived there for a long time) and Newcastle fan, I just don’t know what to make of it. I’m so bored of every footballing headline relating to some new crisis at the club. I thought it was bad when fat Freddie was in charge but seriously- it’s gone from bad to laughably bad. At least we weren’t fighting to save ourselves from relegation back then.

I honestly don’t think now’s the right time for Shearer to come back although for him it’s a no-lose situation. If we’re relegated, everyone’ll blame Ashley, if we stay up he’ll be a hero. I really hope it’s the latter as I’d like to see him start a long successful managerial career and not end up pishing it all away by taking on a club like Newcastle as his first job.

As a fan of the club- can we PLEASE just have a little stability, keep out of the headlines for the wrong reasons, kick some mackem butt and climb to safety. That’s the plan for the next 8. After that- god only knows…


After that you’ll be playing Plymouth!! :stuck_out_tongue: