She just sailed out across two lanes and didn't look at all...

It’s frighening when you think about it. We bike around asuming that drivers are basically sensible and then out of the blue… this happens.

Luckily we were in a car with my missus driving and we had enough room to slam the anchors on without causing damage but…

The frighening thing was this girls face… about 17 years old in an old Fiat Punto drove out of a turning to our right, across two lanes of traffic ( it was a quiet road ) but I saw her face the whole time,

she didn’t look

she didn’t turn her head

she didn’t even effing well turn her eyes to see if anything was coming!!!

Her face was immobile like she was crusing down an empty motorway !!!

Next time there could be a bike coming down the road and someones gonna die…

Grrrr. Be warned and always assume they’re pissed out of their heads!!

They usually are. Fiat Punto+=student

i have found it best to drive in such a manner that you assume everyone else on the road is a complete t*@t, that way you are surprised if they aren’t

And if you cause your own crash like yours truly?

I have afiat Punot and I am no student

I always thought that was the case when sat behind you

That is just before I steamed past you… put that bottom lip away.

She prob was a student - but a stupid one.

But you were once (OK, tenious I know).

I’m not trying to be sexiest here or anything, but both on bikes and cars I have been in many near misses and every single one has been a women at the controls of the offending vechile… And as you comment triang they did not even look, not even when I honked SCARY!!!

*****Steps back and awaits the forthcoming abuse *****

no abuse forthcoming from me -

in my case i have found men to be the worst - cos the minute they see its a girl on a bike - its like this little switch suddenly flicks on - and they start to show off in the road…

never could quite understand that…

a lot of women drivers again are too distracted by other things and do not pay enough attention - its a fair point…

You are an anomaly…

Although I hate the idea of someone getting done down I think natural justice should have placed a dustcart coming the other way at 30mph …

Slices of the front of Punto

Gives the driver the biggest shock of her life ( but no injury )

Mummy and Daddy give her total grief for mashing up her car.

She never does it again and looks three times the next time she emerges fro a side road.

Otherwise - LOOK OUT - She could be appearing out of a side road near you soon!

I would give Sleeper some abuse for that comment, but as the last person to nearly take me out was a woman (who also didn’t look even when I hit the horn and then nearly her car) I really feel I can’t.

But men also drive badly. Some women may not look and have absolutely no road sense but men will quite happily race one another on the road and put other people in danger like that.