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Still loads to do, but it is a start…

If i had an RX7 - i think i’d be asking arai to replace or refund my money for what WAS supposedlky the most advanced/safe helmet on the market!?! there’s a helmet on there that retails at 70quid that’s safer???

whats that about!

It is not at all clear from the website how they test helmets.

My Shark RSR2 got 5* :slight_smile:
Time to put it to the test :hehe:

I read that Arai and Shoei weren’t happy with the test, which impacted an area that was not designed to be as strong as others as they rarely get hit in the real world due to a shoulder taking the hit from that angle. Not sure how true this is :ermm:

didnt think the website was very helpfull
just gave stars and not an explanation of why it only got so many stars
and mine got a 2… lol

My old helmet a Shoei Raid II got 4* but my new Schuberth C2 hasn’t been tested.

When they first start talking about this all the manufacturers stated it would be a good thing as it would improve safety, the reality is when their helmets have come out rather low they are all complaining about the flawed testing procedure.

Any the reason for this is that your lid is a piece of crap…
Pretty sure your dad must have sold it to you :smiley:

PS: Sorry for the assumption man. Feel free to kick me bottom next time you see me if I am wrong (in principal) :stuck_out_tongue:

But they both said if tested in the usual points of contact in an appropriate manner they would pass easily :wink:

Why test in the wrong place? :crazy:

This is all presuming the companys are telling the truth and the millions spent over the years developing safety on them have been used correctly :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say, arguing over whether it was tested at the “correct” impact point is groundless. A helmet can impact in an infinate number of points, and IMO should have linear strength across the helmet. The major manufacturers are just p!ssed as they will argue that you pay for what you get, and the possibility of a £40 helmet having a better safety rating shows the larger and more expensive brands up for what they’re worth.For a test to serve any purpose it has to be recreated under the same circumstances on all makes.Safety doesn’t automatically = expense, as much as you’d expect it to, can also = profiteering :Whistling: and I’m not cynical, just know the world in which we live.

BigSV (13/06/2008)

So Shoei and Arai owners also pay for comfort, silence, look, band, advertising and clever marketing to get you to pay so much for your lid), GP endorsement, etc…
And profiteering…

Someone got to pay for all the freebees and sponsorship on the racing circuits :cool:

D675 ghost rider (13/06/2008)

Like I said, I’m not cynical! :smiley: :hehe: (oh my old FM helmet, whilst being slightly heavier was bloomin comfortable and have heard RX7’s are quite noisey :stuck_out_tongue: )

+1I’ve said it before, but if there was any OBJECTIVE evidence that Shoei’s and Arais were safer than anything else, do you not think that fact would be widely advertised (and I don’t mean word of mouth).

Well I’d rather wear a lid that was strong where I’m likely to land :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we all would, Grim.

Which, I assume, is why SHARP exists.

Totally agree geeze, it just looks as though Shoei etc use that as an “excuse” where as there is nothing to say the smaller brands aren’t just as strong in those areas, but are arguably stronger in “all” areas (including the lesser likelyhood points of impact?

Did that make sense?

the question now is when you next need to buy a helmet will you still go for the big brands or will you buy one of the smaller ones knowing that even if they are not as “cool” they offer more protection?

I think it will be a matter of do you want to be “cool” or do you want to be “safe” :ermm:

Guilt as charged, however, its rates as safe too! :stuck_out_tongue:

so we would need to pay even more to get the brand AND the safety?? :pinch:

You can’t put Arai and Silence in the same sentance. My RX7 is as noisy as not having a lid on:w00t: