Shark helmets - bad vents?

Saw a guy yesterday on a gixxer with his Shark helmet vents taped over.

apparently he said they are really that bad.

was actually thinking of replacing my arai with a shark soon but dont want to have to do the same in the winter.

any other user experience with shark lids and esp with the speed-r that is supposed to be designed for naked bikes?

I have had a few and cant fault em , you know model he had ?

I know its gay but I’ve taped over all my vents on the AGV Stealth. Yes they are loud enough but they have chromed wire mesh and i didnt want them to get rusty. Out comes the white tape and taped over. Its warmer too stopping all the cold air.

But i am in need of a new helmet…struggling with which one though …

yeah it was the shark brazil one (alex baros?)


i am thinking of this

mainly cause i was a big fan of robotech as a kid and it reminds me of the helmet rick hunter had:

replace an Arai? with a Shark???

you clearly dont need the Arai any more because you must already be brain damaged to have considered it!

Shark dont seem to suit folk with big noses ,my friend Jhonny liked my shark but could not find any that his nose did not get squashed in :laugh:

LoL do we detect a certain fondness for Arai’s Matt?

Well I think if an Arai, a Kawasaki, and a complete 3000 piece toolkit collided the result would be Matt. :smiley:

i had a shark as my first helmet. and now, i wouldnt put my c0ck in one, let alone my head. that and i have bounced my Arai enclosed head off of enough hard objects to know that i wont ever buy anything else :slight_smile:

Try a Shoei…You won’t look back…especially if you were considering the stupid visor system, ridiculously noisy, no change in design but £200 more expensive than about 18 months back, Arai.

I must admit…i am an Arai Fan but like fro said…they are soooo noisy…and pods fly randomly on occasion…My shoe is nice…but not for my shaped head…


Got an S900 as my first helmet. Was ok for the cash. Bit heavy, the padding wore very quickly and it’s a bit loose now. Venting is non existent. Makes no difference whether they’re open or closed. Vertical vision is not great. Replaced it with a Shoei XR1100 and a Schuberth SR1. Both vastly superior.

would def buy another arai but the cost of one is getting steeper and steeper. started with an arai condor £200 then an arai chaser £280 that currently sell for £360

I had an arai chaser that lasted me very well. I now have a shark S900 which is more comfortable and I love the sun visor but it’s true, the vents are actually useless and never close.

but then it was half the price of the arai, and the designs are a lot nicer.

Well went to helmet city hoping to leave with the shark speed r but it didnt fit me as perfectly as the arais i had in the past. erred and emed (and tried on a few other makes) for an hour and got a good offer for the shark speed R (helmet + new visor (as original dont take pinlocks) + pinlock = 300)

but i left with an arai chaser v :Whistling: as it was £30 more oh well

here it is:

wise choice young man :slight_smile:

Perhaps the whole thread was a…

…trojan helmet!!!

more like a greek comedy! :slight_smile:

for £30 more, there’s no question.