Sharing GPS Routes/Tracks/Waypoints?

It would be good if the satnav users amongst us were to pool their favourite routes/tracks etc into a single repository here on this website, like an LB library of great rideouts. I guess this would take the form of .gpx, .gdb etc files sorted into counties and given filenames indicating where they lead to. That could be a really good resource.Anyone else keen to see this set up, and if so, any ideas on where on this site it could be stored? (the latter question is more directed at moderators).

I’ve only just got into bike satnav having got my first one a couple of weeks ago so don’t have any to contribute yet, but I plan to!I bet Joby’s got lots, especially if he’s been storing up/filing the tracks from the Jetstream rideouts he’s been on :cool:

Schubert’s website:

I think Everytrail would be the ideal place as you can share loads of stuff about your ride and restrict access to a community etc.