Back frm my holiday and all i can say is…any perceptions u might have of China and all that “everything for the people” BS…throw it outta the window…Capitalism is alive n kicking, Mao must be turning over in his grave…lol! I saw more masserrati’s and Ferraris there then in NYC. What a party town…the local bar n clubbing scene is bar none…talk about nightly liquid lunch benders (how does …umm…works out to about 6 quid…all u can drink all night at a lounge in a posh 5 star hotel lounge sound ? They even have a book with 182 diff maritinis…work yurself thru that! is awesome and of course food…cheap cheap cheap…compared to this Osaka was a letdown…mind you Shanghai is crawling with expats…mostly German and french…went on wed night to this one place called “Zapatas”…must be about 1500 “gweilo” (white devil) there…all in all had a blast…now wheres my aspirin?! Pics of Shanghai skyline with the Pearl Tower(worlds 4th tallest building). The Bund with its old colonial buildings,view of shanghai frm the lounge in the marriott while enjoying drinks, interior of a shopping mall one of the countless there, speed of the Mag-lev(Magnetic levitation…no wheels)train that connects airport to the city…430 kms in 6 min flat out!! now thats fast! neon lit Nanjing -lu kinda like their picadilly square


Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 018.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 004.jpg

shanghai -osaka mar 06 006.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 032.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 010.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 005.jpg

and a few more…my friends in Shanghai,masserati dealership in China( go figure that one out) and fake goods mkt where one can buy copies of leathers (50 quid each for the jackets)


Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 022.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 038.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 033.jpg

Wow great pics! I want to go there

Did you get their numbers?

Hot cars. Hot babes. Hot weather. Oh mama!

That’s cool! Enjoy your stay man!

I can’t wait to get to Hong Kong, that probably will be even more European.

Greetings from Sydney!(25C!)

Daaaymmn. Nice pictures as ever Nightstalker! Sounds like a trip to Shanghai is a must sometime soon! I have a thing about Maserati’s as well, very sleek cars.