Shameless Picture Whoring!

Well, I couldn’t help but look at the fine work the local yobs had done to the derelicked building in the middle of the park and think “Hmm, my nice would nice on that background” and as you can see … some of the images go with the whole ‘Satan’ theme :slight_smile: - Enjoy!


More pics @

Some more :slight_smile:

Might just be me, but I cant see any of these images?

… Try now mate, the server maxed out, the site has had 59K hits this month already! Ooops.

nice pics

Yes mate, works real well, some good photography there as well, but don’t call the people that made this “yobs”. This kind of artwork is well outside the reach of the common yob. Graffiti artist more like :wink:

Scottish are they? wot does “So Aye” mean? :smiley:

lol … good point, well presented :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more, that’s some great artwork there! Oh and the bike looks good with it :slight_smile:

… not that you’re being biased eh :cool: