Shameless ebay plug for combat boots

Get them while theyre hot ! new bike pending .:smiley:

Shame they arent my size! Hubby and I love Magnums, so comfy and practical whilst still looking smart. Funny, I looked for a pair in the states (cos im only a size 3 which are harder to come by) but they were so expensive over there, so much cheaper here!

Thats a good price too! I’ll show Ian this later but think they will be to big for him.

I’d pay 30 quid a pair but not 37 with postage!!

Come and pick them up for nothing. :smiley:

Stll a good deal,at least £60 in the shops.

These are great boots if you like this sort of style. If you ever see me without mine its cos someone has nicked em !:angry:

Borough market wednesday??