shameful road surface on southend roat/waterworks corner

commute on this road daily, often a long queue here so i try and filter, but its such a bad road surface and puts the front wheel out all the time

streetview of road-,0.0677179+to:E4+9JD&hl=en&ll=51.595191,0.012382&spn=0.000568,0.00142&sll=51.592002,-0.190201&sspn=0.29093,0.727158&geocode=FTC7EQMdluYAACkF9_lT7ajYRzGzMW2c3tmVhA%3BFbFoEgMdhQgBACmz6KZXQKbYRzHDmET9B-GktA%3BFZp9EwMdLPf__ylx7LraAh52SDFYKiHrZhW4xg&t=h&mra=ls&z=20&layer=c&cbll=51.595173,0.012538&panoid=2_V67ceCICD2xfip13K0RA&cbp=12,117.66,0,27.03&via=1

Talking about bad surfaces, have you gone through the road just outside Moorgate tube station? It’s just ridiculous, you need a 4x4 there…

nope, not on my journey.

there does seem to be big potholes in many locations too though. and poor drivers seem everywhere atm

Moorgate and Bishopsgate coming from London bridge. Killer!

Exactly my point… ridiculous surface for such heavy used roads right at the center of London

you will know the hole I’m talking about nearly dropped me walking over it when I was not paying much attention to where IW as going!

Have you done anything about it???

I take this route to work 3 days a week and the cracks are bad and indeed the surface is poor. Around Woodford where I live a lot of the roads are in a bad way.