Metropolis at vauxhall, Anyone dealt with them? went into to find out if they do part exchanges etc, looking at a triumph speed triple or similar, i was in there 20 mins and no one come and asked if i was ok. if it was to do that i was in my work overalls or not they did,nt know that i had money and business there way.


Metropolis attracts a fair amount of comment…

Metropolis appears to have the highest number of shame posts on the site. Will soon qualify for its own forum!

It’s funny because I seem to be lucky with them. Sales were good to me, Clothing department are always cheery and helpful, and the other day I went in with a gaskit problem on my thermostat and a mechanic called ‘martin’ (I think) ws extremely helpful. I was told they wouldnt be able to fit me in for a couple of days at least, and then he overheard, and offered to come and have a look at the bike himself. He then diagnosed what the problem was, and then went and spoke to a few people to get it organised for me.

Just one of those things I guess?
Sometimes I want instant recognition when I enter a shop… knowing what I want.
Other times, I get irritated when people keep asking me if I’m okay, and would I like anything… if I did, I would ask!

A fine balance… give them a chance…

I’ve been ignored in there too by bike sales. Clothing seem more helpful though.

Their salesmen obviously need their targets reviewing;):smiley:

i’m always annoyed by people asking if i’m ok…