if anyone knows the bp station in hornchurch essex next to the harrow pub they are cloning cards, mines been done and had £700 pound taken out on monday and tuesday. if anyone wants to fire bomb it then please go and have some fun

Thieving c*nts. Was it on a credit or debit card, you should get the money back ok?

debit card. barclays are on the case

That’s bandit country out there!!


Hope you get all your cash back - have Barclays comfirmed it was this place and not another that did the cloning?

Can they do Star Wars figures too? (sorry, bad joke)

Cash only for me in all but very trusted filling stations…

What pi$$e$ me off is when they ask for money or a payment card up front at night… uhmmm yeah like I’m gonna leave my card with you while I fill up so you can read the number out in some foreign tongue down the blower…

yeah the confirmed it, now i can go set fire to the place

Send round a couple of hard pipe hitters to get to work on them with a blow torch and a pair of pliers

I was done for about 5.5k on my credit card last year. HSBC had no idea anything was wrong… even though every day someone would go to a cashpoint around London and take out £300 at a time. This happened for almost two weeks. Sometimes twice a day. Thought that was not possible It only came to light when I got my bill through the post

Chip’n’pin frikin joke. Never got an apology from HSBC for treating me like a criminal, accused me of doing it or giving pin away. Made it damned hard getting money back… countless hours spent on a call to India to some bombay call centre that could hardly speak English. Even DD the money from my account AFTER I’d told them it was fraud. Thieving gits. Cancelled my card, cancelled account, last time I’d ever use them again.

When using a pin keypad alway cover it. I’ve learnt from experience. Last month had to have a new card issued again cos police caught someone with my details. No money or anything had been taken, probably because of the above precaution…

I am sure both times it has been when getting fuel at petrol station. Thinking about it I bet it was when I filled up at night in the Tesco just down from Chelsea bridge. They took my card from the window… Its so common you wouldn’t believe. Apparently International criminal gangs are at it because it is so damn easy, like stealing candie from a baby. It was in the news, people like the Tamil Tigers were using it as a way to fund their war. They’d get innocent Sri Lankans to steal for them by threatening thier families.


I had exactly the opposite experience last year in France… “hi this is HSBC, we’re just checking out some transactions as your card appears to have been used for withdrawing cash in Godstone, Dijon, Grenoble, and Nice in the past 3 days can we check the last ten transactions with you”

Apart from the fact it was a call from the Dehli office I was suitably impressed that they’d picked up an unusual spending pattern and checked it out