Shame - What has happened to Hein Gericke in Welling?

I used to like going in this store because the staff were really helpful and took the time to explain things if you weren’t quite sure.

You felt like you could trust their advice because they weren’t just after your cash. Now though, I dread going there and here’s an example why (cue my rant).

We all know HG regularly do 2 for 1 on maintenance stuff - cleaners, oils, etc etc. I saw an advert for one this weekend and thought I’d go along as I need some stuff.

Now usually if they are out of stock they’ll order it in and honour the price/deal. This weekend I went in there, first got told by a new guy that they were sold out completely of the stuff I wanted and there was no helpful mention of being able to order in.

Then, when I scour the shelves, FIND it myself and go to the tills I am told that they cannot do the deal because it wasn’t exactly 2 spray bottle cleaners I was getting, but 1 spray and 1 spray refill - only difference was - 1 had a spray thing on top, 1 didn’t - same make, liquid, size, etc etc… - and ofcourse forget any helpful mention of ordering it in, this woman just wanted my cash.

Then after an awkward pause she has the cheek to say ‘oh go on then - I’ll do it for you for a favour…’

I thought ****, I thought I was doing you a favour coming in here making a purchase - the place now resembles a ghost town.

This is a real shame because I used to go in there quite a bit. I’ve got an idea why its gone the way it has, and that’s because Danny and most of his staff aren’t there anymore!

Come back Dan, pretty please - all is forgiven… otherwise I’m sticking to J&S in Greenwich.

Rant over…

Eh what? I was there at the weekend and got the 2 for 1 on oil with no issues at all. They have to do what the rules say with the stock they have. At present they are sorting out an issue with my Nolan lid that I bought there and doing the job gracefully and well.

Hey I am glad you got better service than I did, but that was my experience.

What I don’t like is the difference in service now that the staff have all changed. Again in my opinion it has really dropped and I am less likely to pop in there when passing by for a browse.

The helpful suggestion of being able to order in stock even if they are out of it on the day the 2 for 1 deal happens - is an example.

Now it just seems to be money money money. But again, this is ‘my’ experience and I do hope it improves…

This really does not sound right, I use the store a lot and have always found them more than willing to help and do deals + 10% discount for LBers.

Not been there for a few weeks, is onthebackwheel (LB member) still the manager? anyony know?

typical… its all gone downhill since i left there!!

No Danny’s no longer there and most of the other guys and girl(!), hence in my mind the problem…

but again - hopefully it’ll improve.

Most Bike shops like Infinity/HG are only as good as their staff, i notice turnover seems to be pretty high.

For example who remembers Infinity @ Great Portland Street. Bloody brilliant with that bald guy who wore the trilby hats, then some snearing blokes got in, and guess what i dont shop there any more…

Hein Gericke in welling…Don’t make me laugh as I have 4 broken ribs…


The manager Hetty has an attitude problem. Very rude to me on the phone when I rang up and asked if somthing was in stock. I was told buy a guy in the shop who was taking a faulty crash helmet back that the manager had told him to sell it on ebay to get his money back…LOL…I wouldn’t use this store if you paid me. I was treated like **** when I went in there…

Hein Gericke staff in the Kenton branch are very, very helpful and pleasant.

Our own Fooligan works there. And yep there is always a friendly atmosphere there.

Ha ha, we didn’t know that - might have to go in just to annoy him!:smiley:

I must say I still go to hein gericke but I use maidstone now…Very helpful…Manager there is really nice…+1

+1 foe HG kenton, great bunch

+2, but they never have my size in anything!

are you sure? last i knew he worsked for CMS

if you rang the shop how did someone taking back a crashhelmet tell you he was told sell it on ebay

Lol at Ping Pong…clearly a Hein Gericke employee…lol

Can’t comment on the Welling one, but the guys & gals at both the Stockwell & Farnborough HG branches are excellent.

Perhaps we should have annual LB awards for the best London bike shop & most helpful bike shop assistant ?

Or am I showing my age by referring to them as ’ shop assistants’ when in fact they’re all called something more corporate BS friendly like ‘customer service experience facilitators these days’ ? :smiley:

I had a bad experience there last month when I tried to exchange a pair of HG gloves where the stitching was coming apart. They were still under warranty but the manageress was really unhelpful and showed no customer care whatsoever.

I also use the Gants Hill branch as it’s close to work and the staff are brilliant. The two stores really are chalk and cheese.