SHAME!* West Country Windings

so my alternator needed re-coiling, dropped my bike off at Essential and left it with them, mick removed my alternator, sent it off to west country windings…they recieved it, did the work on it, and sent it on to essential to be re fitted…it never arrived! it ended up in a bike delaers somewhere else!?

so it was sent back to WCW who then sent it on AGAIN to essential rubber…it never arrived…at all!

essential spoke with WCW who then agreed to wire another hub up and send it, wich they did, and it actually arrived:w00t: but it was an SV650 hub NOT a 1000 as they had already made up.

now WCW claim that essential told them it was for a 650- RUBBISH- they knew very well it was for a 1000, as they had just made that one up!!!

they also claim they sent the 650 one earlier than they had, they said it was sent on a wednesday, it wasnt because i spoke to the main boss and she told me it had been sent out monday afternoon, and it arrived on a wednesday.

so what happned to my original part? i have no idea, its not in the sorting office’s at either end, its not at essential, its not at WCW.

Now i was expecting WCW to hold there hands up and say ok, we have made an error, we will replace your part- they have refused to replace it, instead they are asking me to wait and see if it turns up- which i highly doubt as it has been over a week now and its obviously lost in the mail system somewhere.

so in short i’d be very carefull dealing with WCW, because if they lose your part or something happens to it they will do all they can to wash there hands of it.

thier website says they have a high level of customer service- well not in this case i’m afraid.

:frowning: for ya but thing is if sent by royal mail … they will not class it as lost until i think its 15days are passed since date of posting and most companies will agree with this and no procedures are followed until that date has passed so it may be a case of wait and see …