Shame Vodafone

Last month my missus decided she wanted the net and went for Vodafone’s mobile broadband, so she started signing up but decided to leave it and look around. Nevermind that… the following day she got a call from a sales representative and signed up, up to 7Mb and 3GB usage at £15… up to 7Mb meant Fax speeds of 14Kbps… appauling… anyhow so she called and cancelled, and they cut off the net the same day so she used their service for… 5 days, So she used it from the 10th until the 13th and when say use I mean probably about 50Mb (very generous estimate) worth of surfing since she couldn’t use it. They sent a courrier to pick up the USB modem and that was that.

Anyhow, Vodafone now decided to want to charge her £16, £5 for the P&P and the rest for usage… this I find to be completly unfair, they are saying they received the modem 2 weeks later so was picked up on the 14th and they got it on the 24th November… well I couldn’t care less when they received it since they cut off service on the 13th. So ok whatever charge £5 for the postage… but then they should charge for the usage, in my opinnion it would be either 0.0061Gb which comes to a total of %0.2 usage which is £0.013 or 50Pence per day which comes to a total of £2.5. Also the bloke on the other end didn’t even know that they were the ones that picked up the

So all in all they sound to me like a bunch of morons just like many other companies where they don’t care about the customer after you are not happy with them.