Shame - Universal Tyres - Chingford

Sorry to do this; was very happy with the work initially from these peeps but have been out with both front and rear and have a wobble at speed from the front. However, I got a puncture this week so decided to get the rear sorted first…gobsmacked when I collected that they have taken a sharp object to the weights on the rim and seriously scratched my rim. Guy tried to tell me they were there already…sorry but impossible as I check tyre pressures every morning and they were not there before I removed the wheel (I had cleaned it too - sad pup that I am!!)

Offered the £12 cost back for the repair and a point towards the sign that says they “cannot be held responsible for scratches”…sorry a scratch I can live with…blatant disregard for others property with a butchers knife is unnacceptable.

Oh and the front was way off being balanced right…so I found out today when I took the front elsewhere…good as new now…just got to get the back resprayed and will go elsewhere for tyres and balancing in future…not happy with these peeps at all

Well done for naming and shaming these cowboys.