Shame - Ultraseal

yep, you have to have the tyre plugged properly at a garage - prefer that option myself as the tyres go on track occassionally

in that case you still did get done over i’m afraid. its not difficult for them to clean out the tyre, and it doesn’t do any damage. which garage did you go to? stick them on the shame section if they’re telling porkies to sell tyres…

been told that some garages prefer not to accept the work cos they get huffy about the extra mess/faff involved, but haven’t had that experience myself (with car or bike tyres). best to ask around so you know where to take your bike next time.

Well to be fair to them I had already got them to order a new tyre in because a) I didn’t realised you could reliably repair them (i do now!) and b) it already had a damaged wall to needed replacing at some point. I hasitate to shame them because they have been great all other times and I go there a lot. I called round but they were the only guys who would be open after work so I could get it looked at.

I wish other garages would open late and close late, it so handy for dealing with repairs after work. Especially when you commute on it every day.

Ultraseal worked for me ( i think ) i had a new 280 section tyre on my Vmax which got a large screw in it,i did try to take it out but it started leaking so i left it in,if you do get a puncture you are supposed to ride around on it to get the ultraseal flowing,me being safety conscious i took it to get plugged ( didn’t fancy spending £160 on another tyre ) when the tyre had been removed i could see that there was only a thin line of ultraseal running in the centre of the tyre,obviously not enough had been put in,the ultraseal stays in liquid form so the tyre was wiped clean and the tyre was plugged,when i reffite it i put 3/4 of a bottle in just to make sure.

Not like taking the piss out of a Thick Midget then !!!

Cos it aint Big and it aint Clever !!

Barro= coat…door…light…bye…

I’ve been using Ultraseal for approx 5 years now and find it very good stuff.

Its sealed a few punctures i’ve had in the past and i believe the speel they say about it extending tyre life…worked for me…just like Viagra!!

Tyreweld is good.
If Im ever going on a long journey thats what I like to have with me. If you get a flat you just whack it in and your away again… NOt a permenant fix but gets you moving again swiftly. After that you get it plugged. DONE!

You must be kidding, bloody awful stuff. Years ago have been stuck enough to try it twice. Neither time did it work, just made a bloody mess of tyre and wheel. When on tubeless tyres I’d far sooner have a decent repair kit and do a decent repair at the side of the road. Tubed tyres are another matter.