Shame - Ultraseal

I put Ultraseal into my tyres in February.

Everything was fine until I had a puncture on the way to work on Friday. The Ultraseal went everywhere and the tyre went flat. I had to call out the AA, who plugged the hole, and recommended that Ultraseal was not worth buying.

So, there you go, Ultraseal does not work.

sounds like a major leak, how big was the hole? and was the tyre tubed/tubeless?

It is a tubeless tyre and the hole was caused by a nail.

eeek! should have worked! glad I kept my emergency repair kit under the seat when I had ultraseal fitted! hope I never have to test it!

Of course the AA are more likely to hear about the times it doesn’t work than the times is does. It’s worked for me twice now.

Did you pull the nail out or did the ultraseal come out before you noticed the problem?

Agreed a lot more info required before people know whether to take your views seriously.

Did the tyre get repaired or replaced?

Can you explain why so much seal poured out without sealing the hole?

I know someone else posted a similar message a while ago, in that case I think they just pulled the nail out and the tire went flat, without riding the bike or tapping the tire to allow the ultrseal to work.

I just wondered if that was the case here?

I’m waiting for a reply also because I’m wondering whether to buy Ultraseal or Holts Tyre Weld.

Who here has actually used either and had a good result?

The guys at Essential Rubber reckon that any of the puncture prevention goo’s **** up you wheel and make it damn near impossible to properly fix the puncture after… Could be an evil ploy to sell more tires

The nail didn’t stay in the tyre. The tyre deflated whilst I was riding. It didn’t fully deflate, but the hole didn’t seal either. When I tried to re inflate i, I could hear the air coming out of the hole.

I don’t know why so much Ultaseal escaped, but it did not do as it was supposed to.

I can’t explain anything about Ultaseal. All I know is that in my view, it is a waste of money.

Doesn’t sound like you could have done much to help it then!

How big was the hole when you stopped?

Holts tyre weld is a completely different type of product to Ultraseal. The tyre weld stuff is a TEMPORARY GET YOU HOME REPAIR that you put into the tyre AFTER you get a flat, (whereas you put Ultraseal in the tyre from the off and any it plugs holes PERMANENTLY). The Holts stuff is supposed to inflate the tyre AND seal the hole (‘supposed to’ being the operative phrase). In the past I’ve used Holts tyre weld twice now (once for mo’bike and once for bicycle) and it failed to work OR get me home both times.

Ultraseal. I got fed up with getting punctures at the most inconvenient times, like riding home from a late shift at 1 in the morning and getting stranded.
Well, been using it for nearly 4 years now. And thats 4 years without getting a puncture thats ever stopped me riding. Ever (and were talking commuting everyday in London).
Last one was about 2 months ago. Noticed a bit of goo over the number plate, had a check round and noticed a great big b***ard screw in the rear tyre (tyre still nice and hard though). Got me helmet back on, started the engine, unscrewed the nail (cue big gush of air and a little bit of Ultraseal goo rushing outta the hole), jumped on bike and rode round the block. Pulled up, switched off engine and…total silence. One totally sealed hole. Thats the way it works.

You may have got the puncture whilst stationary, I dunno. It works perfectly as per the instructions if followed if you discover a puncture/nail. Just gotta get the centrifugal force’s going to enable the Ultraseal to do its thang (as long as the hole is less than 6mm).

Not trying to convince anyone of anything here (you wanna get inconvenienced by a puncture, it dont affect me, does it?) and past discussions about it on LB have revealed there are as many people against it as there are for it. I’m just telling things through my own experience of it.
I swear by this stuff. Cheapest and most effective insurance and peace of mind (except for a Durex) I’ve ever invested in.

Personally don’t like the stuff, I’ve had it twice and it’s not worked for me. I’ve got an RAC card instead. Mate of mine had his brand new yellow bike caked in the slimey cack. Also Carry around the numbers of mobile tyre companies.

Another thumbs down for the stuff from me.

Apart from it not having the best success rate (personal experience), I kind of get a bit phased by not knowing exactly what condition my tyre is in. You could have any number of holes in it without knowing.

Every tyre fitter I have come across despises the stuff although this comment usually results in a cacophony of responses to the contrary, just talking from experience here.

It’s your call, if you want it then get it, for me, not worth the bother.

The stuff worked for me and ‘got me home’ but the tyre fitter then told me the tyre was ruined and couldn’t be repaired because of all the ****e inside. It was an almost new tyre too! I now carry the screw driver like tool with rubber threads than you shove in the hole. With a couple of little air canisters to blow up the tyre it should get me home and still be repairable - I hope!

then you got screwed over ! or it was not ultraseal , as ultraseal is water soluble and washes out even with cold water, as told to me by my local tyre fitting shop, they have no problem with using it or repairing tyres that have used it, just hose off em off

used Holts 3 or 4 times now, worked everytime for me. one of the times i used it, rode home, left it overnight and tyre was still pressurised in the morning when i took it to the garage to get it plugged.

would assume with both products its a factor of how much damage is done to the tyre.

But you don’t need to get it repaired, ultraseal does the job for you. At least it has for me.

I did about 1.5k miles after pulling a big screw out and no further repair required.

Your right! It was actually the Holts Temporary Tyre Repair.

I agree with K31000, I don’t like the idea of not knowing the state of my tire, would rather get it repaired or replaced. Unless it was just around town use of course.