Shame - Tri County Motorcycles, Bracknell

Puncture on my front tyre, limped here as it’s the closest place to home. Charged me £120 for a Bridgestone BT023, so a little expensive to start off. It’s a new bike to me, but I knew the valves were a bit perished so asked for a new one, pretty standard stuff. Couple of days later, Scorch noticed there were no balancing weights on. Maybe they fell off.
A week later, checked my pressures and front was low, topped up. Same thing the next week. Then I set off, went over some rough roads, got into London for work and it was way low, almost flat. Popped into FWR, who took the tyre off and they bloke said ‘F’ing hell, hope we didn’t fit this’. The rim was corroded badly so the bead was just losing air, the valve was knackered and not seated properly either. He said whoever fitted it should be ashamed of themselves, and there’s no way that corrosion happened in the mean time. Emailed them for a response but no reply.
So, praise as usual for FWR, he cleaned it up and refitted, charged me £15 and said to come back if it happens again, which it is.

Tyre size?

I just had a Bridgestone 160/60 ZR17 BT023 rear tyre supplied, fitted and balanced by Universal Tyres £102.00 all in.

That was £84.00 for the tyre and £18.00 for the fitting & balancing (wheel off)

whats that got to do with anything he said…

anyway, shame.

Slightly off topic yes, but for what it’s worth it’s a 120/70 front. Get quoted about £120 for the 180/55 rear which I’ll get round to when the front is sorted and I’ve done another few miles on the crappy Maxxis.
But yeah, shame on Tri C*nty

I think the relevance of Arts post is mildy obvious to the observant … in the OP it refers to the cost of the tyre possibly being expensive so Art offers a comparison …

@yourebarred - Did you address this with Tri County and if so, what was their response?

Three polite emails and no response