Shame TranAM UK Schuberth representative

Just for you to be aware.
Few years ago I had a small accident (as some of you remember). I thought I’m “ok” with helmet replacement because of Schuberth mobility program.
Yes, my fault was not to find out the helmet after the accident. But with broken few bones and on wheelchair that was a bit hard to do.
Anyway, I have sent email to Schuberth asking them what to do as I don’t have and can’t find helmet. I was reassured that all is “ok”.

So I did, unfortunately after two months, despite earlier reassuring email, it been said by UK dealer, and I quote:

So for the future, if you have accident, and you unlucky enough to have Schuberth helmet, remember to make sure you have it, to be able to use advertised “Mobility Program”.

So lesson learned, no more (accidents) and Schuberth helmets. If I have to spend £500, Arai/X-Lite it is.

All correspondence is available in case someone will question this thread.


What’s the mobility program?

I had a good look at a Neotec at the NEC, I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting that when I can justify replacing this C3 anyway.

I’m running out of ways to justify Schuberth’s price, and the Neotec’s a different shape to the Multi so fits my odd head, and seems to be generally better.

so the dealer has different requirements to cover their ass. hardly surprising. 

But that’s not really how manufacturer programs are supposed to work.

Well it works like the Schuberth is advising dealer to provide voucher for 2/3 of price of the helmet. So you as a client will pay only 1/3 of the price. 

Despite clear instruction the dealer is so greedy that don’t want to lose money (£100-200) so they decline that without thinking about future benefits of happy customers. 

Anyway, we have Schuberth’s helmets Avi, but unfortunately that was my last one. I rather spend my money somewhere else. I’ve seen they have quite few other companies as a partners. I noted which ones and I’m happy to not purchase their products as well. 

Shame to Schuberth for not being able to put their supplier in place.


Yeah, they built a reputation as German and good, and the first time I had an issue with mine (the pinlock leaked slowly) I took it to the Schuberth stand at a show and they just gave me a new visor, which was great. But that’s the last time I’ve managed direct contact with anyone apparently interested in promoting Schuberth, and the C3’s really not any more the obviously-brilliant flip-front helmet. The Neotec feels like a good and well-made helmet, now has the drop-down visor, is really comfy and, perhaps most crucially for me, Shoei turn up at shows and events and things so I can complain at them if and when stuff goes wrong. Or I might just get a Caberg like a pauper…


Yeah, I probably know more people with Cabergs than an other brand. And it’s important that I can carry on looking down on them.

i’d tweet to them R.  i think you would find a different outcome.

Cheers Alba, just got email that they are looking at this matter… :wink:


By the sounds of it, this is more of a dealer issue rather than a Schuberth issue. 

Also what is the Mobility Program?

It’s a way of getting 1/3 off the price of a replacement schuberth if you crash in one.

Cheers Alba, just got email that they are looking at this matter... ;)


I chase them up, person who respond today not car about whole situation enough to go through email thread asked me "Did I sent old helmet to the dealer?" 

Is like talking to the wall.


Give them to me darling, I can make them cry trust me :wink:

Haha, nothing wrong with a Caberg helmet especially with the same features for 3x less.

Latest update on this:

TRAN AM was acting correctly in declining the mobility case, because they are following our policies and procedures of the Mobility Programme which claims the crash helmet.

We are pleased that you are well again after your accident and that you would like to trust in our helmets again after the long procedure you have been through.

This is why SCHUBERTH decided to replace the helmet for 1/3 of the RRP directly.

The Schuberth S2 is no longer available, we offer you the S2Sport for 1/3 of the RRP.

Please inform us which size and color you would like to have.

So I have on order very nice and new helmet. And furthermore, I asked “is this can be the SR2” and they accepted so will have one in early spring delivered. 

Thank you all for help and support and well done to Schuberth.



Closure, finally… well persisted Rob !!

Power to the people!

Happy Xmas! :smiley:

A bit of a twist in the Schuberth Mobility drama :slight_smile:
I’ve got an email that my SR2 I have chosen will not be available for next few months. So I need to wait. In the meantime Schuberth offer me a “Loan helmet”, free of charge, for me to enjoy motorcycling season. I said, yes to the offer and reply with my postal address. 

Today parcel arrived, brand new SR1 in mat white. This is service you would expect for the price you pay for helmet. I’m well impressed. Well done Schuberth!