SHAME: to the riders that park like that

This is an examble from behind ****************. For the last three days the bike has been parked like that and has not moved at all…

However it is not the only one, it has been a more frequent phenomenon lately of thick riders. They cannot understand that they belong to a community and the world does not belong to them… I have seen a few more bikes parked like that in camden and around… Surely enough the council should have the right to fine them and remove the bikes to free the space that is inappropriately used…

I do like the idea of the urgent need for detergent…

That is totally retarded!

you should leave a note under the cover for the rider to be more considerate to other bikers and think before wasting 4 bike spaces.


take the cover off, spin it round on the side stand so its parked properly then replace cover with additional note underneath.

what a tool!

Although that girl in the background with the blue miniskirt was more in my focus

what a retard. i posted a pic of one like this in the parking frame and shame or whatever.

ended up collecting pidgeon **** for 3 weeks. my advice is move it asap, if we all move them they may stop doing this retarded deed


Just move the bike on a yellow line… That would have been 3 parking tickets and possibly a tow truck.

wtf why do people do that seriously it aint a bloody car or a jumbo jet

What a selfish knob!!!

The bird in the blue skirt looks ok :wink:

Either these are seriously stupid people, or it’s a cunning ploy by Westminster Council to force motorcyclists to pay to park in their borough, by filling up all the free spaces in neighbouring boroughs…

Yeah - she has a nice set of pins.

Yeah - and the parking was retarded.

Annoyed at finding a bloody car completely blocking the bike bay on Great Queen Street (WC2) I went to the trouble to track down a traffic warden (surprisingly difficult to find when you are actually looking for one) and he just shrugged his shoulders telling me there was nothing he could do because no offence had been committed.

is he taking the piss? no offence? surely blocking a parking bay can get him a ticket for inappropriate parking? bet if we parked like that blocking a car bay us bikers would be given a ticket of some sort !

i would have personally bitch slapped the guy with the goldwing lol and then spilt his latte over his crappy stereo system:laugh::w00t:

fixed free of charge ducky :smiley:

AS YOU WISH :wink:

I forget the official terminology he used but he was certain that it is not an offence for a motorist to park in a bike bay outside of the controlled parking hours - it was a Sunday.

This deserves a thread of its own. Fucking hell.

“I forget the official terminology he used but he was certain that it is not an offence for a motorist to park in a bike bay outside of the controlled parking hours - it was a Sunday.”

Yes he is right. In fact iirc WCC had to legally change bike bays into proper bays to start charging to park in them, and make the hours enforceable.
For some reason they decided to continue to allow cars to park in them outside enforcement hours though.

Most bays in other boroughs can be parked in by cars during non enforced car parking hours. They aren’t classed as parking spaces merely a space in the yellow lines so to speak.

So… mine’s the Triumph. As you see, it is parked as close as possible to the Three-Wheeler Weirdo-Machine, bearing in mind the Triumph has a side-stand and once upright is almost touching the TWWM.

Then the scooter arrived… and just plonked itself in the middle of the gap. So now if anyone tries to park between it and my P&J, they are either going to have to move the scooter or take gouges out of my chrome pipes.