Shame threads

There seem to be more and more “Shame threads” created by newbies as a first post.

Quite often these are agrieved customers just joining to rant on here. Often without giving oportunity for the company concerned to rectify their issues.

Should there be a minimum post number before allwing a newbie to rant? or should the posts be moderated before publishing as for sale ads?

imho minimum amounts of posts are OK but it may lead to 10 usless posts just to get a shame post up.

Maybe moderation is the way to go

True but at least it would give these people a chance to think about what they are doing whilst they are busy wasting their time posting 10 random post before being able to post their rant, if these posts were moderated people would only start moaning about freedom of speech :stuck_out_tongue:

I tend to base my opinion on the Praise or Shame posts on how much the poster contributes to the forum; quantity and quality.

I would be pretty cynical about following the advice of someone I just met on the street; eh.

That is exactly it Tigglet, MANY people just come on the site to rant/ soapbox etc (you just have to look at the Current affairs section :wink: ). Most established members only take into account the quality and quantity of posts put up. And we certainly don’t want to be accused of over moderation with regard to freedom of speech :wink:

will you stop picking on me topbox…ooops soz it says soapbox, best visit specsavers :D:D:D