SHAME - The LBer...

I received a text message earlier today from a internet SMS sender from someone saying that i had overpriced the zx6r stunt bike and i was a **** that should be banned from LB for doing so…

I think its a LBer as i only listed the bike on here only no where else, called londonbikers LB which if was someone outside they community doubt they would but hey could happen and also the fact they had my mobile number which i never advertised with the bike…

To the person thats sent it i have this to say:

If you dont like the price at which someone sells a bike dont bitch about it and if you do decide to at least have the balls to say it to their face and not hide behind a smokescreen of sorts also if you still feel i have personally offended you by listing a bike for sale then your welcome to come see me about it anytime you muggy little prick

Much Love Dan

wow. I’m sure you can find out who did it. I remember Alina got a nasty message sent to her in a similar method. Shameful.

PS. It wasnt me :Wow:

Im not cowardly. :ermm:

Maybe it’s your ex

They are a coward, they obviously don’t have the bottle to do it from their own mobile.

I’m struggling to follow his/her logic

To be fair Dan you are a bit of a c*** hahaha :w00t: Wasn’t me though :stuck_out_tongue:

New way to bump a sale…! :w00t:


Or in this case, twaticus…

I do suppose I have the hoody so must be true :smiley: