I bought Insurance over the internet from Swintons on the 20th July. I was supposed to take the insurance policy today 27th,to the dealer to arrange road tax for the first of August(new bike)
I phoned Swinton to advise that the policy had not arrived and because of this I wanted to cancell as I could go on the internet and get a policy right away from e-bike, and head off to my bike dealer.

Swickton wanted a £50 cancellation fee. I argued with the customers service person that surely they can’t ask for a cancelation fee for something that I have not received. As usual I was dealt with all the “bull” about it is in the terms and conditions etc.I have a policy confirmation that I printed off of the internet advising that I should receive a full set of documents within the next few days. This is dated 20th July I thought a few days was 2 or 3 not 7 so far…needless to say the concerning thing is if they are this bad and slow at setting up the documents, heaven help any one having to make a claim… I would cetainly not buy from them again, they have lost out the posibility of insuring a further 4 vehicles in my household as far as I am concerned, and hopefully others reading this will take note.

You have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period you can cancel within that 14days and they can not charge you! thats the law, for all!

I think i’m right with that.

I just had a quick google for Distance Selling. It looks like you’re covered and can get your money back, but the insurers are within their rights to charge a cancellation fee.

Personally I’d challenge it as the reason you’re cancelling is because they can’t get policy docs out - not your fault.