shame straight line racing, praise goodridge

shame straight line the peterborough bmf i stood calmly waiting to be served whilst the salesman flexed his beer belly to audience.Any way after 15 minutes of total bullshit i asked to be served vibes told me walk away but he seem to be bragging quite confidentley about his knolwedge he gave me a price for braided hoses £65 for my 2002 vfr v tec “fantastic are you sure” " of course i am " "are you sure " after doublechecking "£165"i thought it was fair of me to double check.Promised my hoses with in a week. Never came when got hold of someone salesman got it wrong demanded more money i said no they said we will send you a cheque took over a month untill it arrived .

praise goodridge especially chap called Phil Martin bought hoses from brakes 4 u one missing rang them they put me in touch with phil he said pop old hose in post he would match it up within 48 hours of posting courier is on my doorstep with new hose .What fantastic service.

No more beer bellied cowboys for me only propr reputable companies